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Testimonial videos

Capturing the beautiful authenticity of people in your school community

Available to buy until midnight 12 July 2024

In early 2024 we started creating testimonial videos for independent school marketing teams. They're an inexpensive way of creating new content which generates an emotional connection with the audience.

The videos feature genuine thoughts and feelings from parents, teachers, alumni and almost always from the children. Authentic contributions, straight from the heart.

How it works

  • First, decide who you'd like to feature. There are five contributions per video so this could be 'two-pupils, two-parents and one teacher' (for example).

  • Ask each person to book a date/time into our online calendar. For children in school please book this on their behalf and ensure you're with them for the recording.

  • Recordings are all made online using the existing equipment you have. The best results come from the camera on a smartphone, especially if it's no more than three years old.

  • Allow 30 minutes per person to capture the recording.

  • We'll collate all the recordings and put them together into a compilation video using the best parts.

What's included & pricing

  • Five contribution recordings

  • A compilation featuring 'the best of' into one video (around 3-4 minutes)

  • Each individual's video on its own

  • (So that's six videos you'll receive in total)

  • Music included

  • A planning session with you online over Zoom or Teams (if required)

  • Unlimited edit requests

  • £995 (+VAT) for everything


  • Is it really unlimited edit requests? >> Yes.

  • What if a pupil freezes up on the recording? >> It happens sometimes. We just re-record.

  • What if a pupil says all the wrong things. >> Choose someone else, we re-record.

  • Do we need to buy lighting? Or microphones? >> No.

  • Is the camera quality OK? >> Smartphones in 2024 are incredible. See video above.

Money-back guarantee

We love to over-deliver on our service at Bonjour. If you don't like the end result we'll return your £995 with no questions asked. Simple as that.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Or your money back.

How to book

This part is even easier. Just email Simon Jones saying you'd like to join in.

But do it before midnight on 12 July 2024

Get in Touch

The Bonjour Agency Ltd

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