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Getting started

So you're thinking about getting a podcast, but you're not sure where to start? We're here to help. Whether you're a solopreneur, a school, a multi-national or something in between, we're here to give your brand a voice. Budgets vary too, we get that, which is why our pricing plans can be mixed & matched to exactly what you need and what’s in budget. 


Today is the first step in sharing your voice with the world.

Create, upload, distribute

We get your podcast up and running with your episodes on all the major directories (such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts). We’ll show you how to speak to guests in a way that gets the most from them, the best content. Then we’ll publish your episodes so you can share them on social media.

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Whichever option is right fo you, whether you're a solopreneur with your own business,

a Marketing Manager in a school or a larger corporate, we provide you with the knowledge and tools to start recording episodes. We'll run you through everything from equipment and set up, to the different ways to record (online or in-person) and how to get the very best from all your podcast guests.

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Why use a podcasting service?

It’s easy to create a bad podcast. And you’ll find numerous people who start with Episode 1 and give up by Episode 3. Instead, the recipe for success is:

Professional sounding episodes

Getting the most from your guests


Distribution on Spotify and Apple Podcasts


You don’t have to edit a podcast but most you’ll hear online will have been improved upon from the original recording. They might sound like they’re unedited but when you remove ums, errs, crosstalk and hesitations it makes the whole episode sound much more professional. And it makes you sound amazing! Our team of editors are real people (so not some computer software that doesn’t understand human conversation), they’re based in the UK and they’ll take your content up to the next level. 

Audio optimisation

Your audience will switch off a podcast episode very quickly if it’s not easy or pleasant to listen to. When they’re listening to your content they’ll likely be outside walking the dog, on the M25 driving to work or in the gym on the treadmill, and with all that ambient sound in the background it’s crucial you make the listening experience for them as clear as possible. 


Take a listen to both these examples. You’ll hear the difference it makes!

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Good Audioaudio optimisation
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"It’s a slick and professional service offered by Bonjour and the feedback we’ve received from all our guests so far has been very positive – Simon has certainly put them at ease with their first podcast recording. The partnership with Bonjour is one that works very well for us.”

- Joanne Sammars, Berkhamsted


Additional services



for your podcast

Need a professional presenter to be the voice of your brand? We have a selection of different voices to choose from. You can book the same presenter for every episode, or change it up. It's optional and entirely up to you!

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As well as training you in recording episodes yourself we can also provide assistance during the recordings. If you need someone to settle nervous guests or to check audio levels before hitting the record button, we can provide a dedicated person to be on hand.


for your podcast

Transcripts can be a big help for those with hearing difficulties, letting them read your content. But they also help with SEO (search engine optimisation) for better Google search results. And who doesn’t want better search results?


Editing and

audio optimisation

However your episodes are recorded we can edit and optimise your audio to make each episode sound professional and ready for the world to hear. Whether you pick a plan that includes this feature or opt to go à la carte, we'll be right here to help.

Podcast promos 

for marketing

Marketing your podcast is just as important as the episodes. We create promos for your podcast episodes. These are perfect for sharing on social media, giving your audience a sneaky peek of your latest episode along with captions and a moving audio wave.

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We train you on how to record video, from lighting and backgrounds to camera and equipment. We’ll then edit the video and add graphic overlays such as your logo and branding for a polished, professional MP4 file you can share on YouTube and elsewhere.

Meet Simon

Simon created Bonjour in 2008 when he was a Group Marketing Manager for a global software company that supplied independent schools. He’s also worked with blue-chip organisations and smaller start-ups prior to that. Click below to connect with Simon on LinkedIn.

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Meet the team



Sales & Editing

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Marketing & Producer

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Editing & Operations

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