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For Schools that want to grow their

 school community


Updating your marketing photography

Training to upskill your team for when there's no photographer


School marketing podcasts to connect you with your audience

Training in how to set up and run your own school podcast


Marketing videos for your website and social media

Learn how to shoot your own school marketing videos

Meet the Founder

Simon Jones

Simon often tells people that if he was still a Marketing Manager and worked in a school today it would be all about photography, video and podcasting to connect with the parent community. In this message he's welcoming you to the home of Bonjour and inviting you to take a look around. It's not about selling, it's about connection.

About us

Here at Bonjour we're a small but mighty team. We believe in the whole marketing and admissions community, a collection* of amazing people who serve the schools they work in, serving pupils of all ages as they develop and grow into young adults.

*We're still tring to identify the collective noun for school marketing and admissions people.

The current winner is 'a prospectus of school marketing and admissions people'

Simon on a shoot.jpg


This is where it all began. Back in 2012 Simon quit his job as a Marketing Manager to follow a dream of full-time photography.

Initially with a mix of corporate photography, families and school marketing, it was the last of these that edged the others out, leading to the creation of Bonjour School Photography.

Despite the business growth into video and podcasts for school marketing he still shoots when time allows. It's too much fun 😁

Options for school marketing videos

A Day in the Life

Meet the Head

Eight short videos for social media

Come with me as I show you everything!

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Why choose Bonjour for your school marketing?

We take your school marketing to the next level with high quality photography, video and podcast content to use in all aspects of marketing.


Website content, whether it's moving video, still images or podcast audio is how to connect with your school community, creating deeper relationships and driving up new enquiries.


High quality photography and video

Professional podcast production

Training to equip your staff to learn


This might sound strange but at Bonjour we’re very keen for you to carry out many of our services yourselves.


Crazy, right?


Actually no. Our mission is to up-skill the quality of content schools are sharing with their communities; sometimes that involves us visiting and providing that content but we recognise that we can’t get to every school to do this so we’d rather show you how to do this yourselves.


Whether it’s knowing how to shoot better photos, how you can create a video for your own marketing or setting up your own podcast channel for the school, let us show you how.


Feedback from our clients

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Podcasts for School Marketing

See how far we've come since 2021...

School podcast



Unique podcast



Individual podcast downloads


Podcasts for School Marketing

What's it all about?

More and more of you parent community are listening to podcasts, we all know it's a growing trend. But what opportunity does that present for your school?

Podcasting is a much more intimate way of connecting with your audience. Generally there's no video, it's just audio, so this means people listen while they're doing something else, typically walking the dog, driving to work or working out in the gym.

And this means they listen for longer. Expecting a parent to watch a 20-min video is foolishness but they'll happily listen to a much longer authentic conversation from people in your school talking about different aspects of school life.


The science behind podcast listening

Every month there are new statistics showing how podcasting is a rising trend. One reason for this growth is the ease with which podcasts can be accessed via a smartphone.


Spotify and Apple Podcasts have made it easy for parents to listen to your school podcast regardless of their location.


"Simon grasps our requirements immediately and is so easy to work with: quick, discrete, highly professional and the results are fantastic. We look forward to having him back!”

Mary Hicks, Lord Wandsworth College

I know, you don't have

time to run a podcast...

Listen to Joanne Sammars from Berkhamsted talk about how little time is required to run a school podcast, we think you'll find it quite eye-opening.

Image by Bradley Lembach

How does it actually work then?

It's a common question we get. And we understand why, podcasting is often something never done by a school.

But it's actually really simple.

There are two main ways we help schools:

  1. We can set up your podcast and manage it for you, even providing a presenter for each episode.​

  2. Or we can show you how to do everything with one of our training options.

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To find out more about anything you've seen on this website, be that photography, video, podcasts for schools or the training services we offer, contact Simon who'll be happy to talk to you.


You can email 

or call 020 7858 2246.


Send a text to 07990 580517 or a WhatsApp message.


We’re ready to help you 😊


Photography | Video | Podcasts | Training

This is The Bonjour Agency.

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