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Podcast-in-a-box service - NEW offer until Fri 28 June

The new academic year is the perfect time to launch a school podcast for your marketing which is why we're launching a new offer for schools throughout June 2024!

Until midnight on Friday 28 June we've got a fantastic offer for schools that would like a podcast and need a done-for-you service.

Scroll down for details further below. It includes a 'buy-now-pay-September' option

😎 ⬇️ ⬇️

Why a school podcast is awesome for school marketing in 2024/25

We know that prospective parents listen to podcasts more and more. Current parents too.

When your audience listens to a podcast from your school they build a deeper connection with the SLT, with pupils, with other parents, with your alumni.

If they feel they know the Head their attachment to the school increases and they build an emotional connection.

So the examples we often suggest schools consider for their first 5 episodes look like this:

  1. A conversation with the Head, what are they really like?

  2. Three pupils talking about life in Y6, or Y7, Y9 or Y12

  3. Two new parents discussing the Admissions process

  4. One of your alumni talking about their experience at your school

  5. An enthusiastic non-SLT member of staff

Starting a podcast is easier than you think, especially as we'll be leading you through every. single. step.

💫 My June 2024 offer

Between now and the end of Friday 28 June 2024 we're offering a complete done-for-you service: "The Bonjour Podcast-in-a-Box Service".

It includes the following:

  • Creating your school podcast on Apple and Spotify 👍🏻

  • Designing your podcast artwork for you 🖼️

  • Writing all your podcast show-notes ✍🏻

  • Brainstorming 25 podcast names with you 💡

  • A 'trailer' episode to let your audience know it's coming soon! 😮

  • A high quality microphone and headphones 🎤 🎧

  • One of our team to be the Presenter of your podcast 🗣️

  • Your first five episodes, recorded online, edited and fully produced

  • 12 months of podcast hosting online 💻

All this for just £1995.

A one-off fee for something with no additional charges and everything done for you.

You might have some questions. Totally good, just send an email to - Simon is here to help you.


Next steps

  • To take advantage of this offer just email Simon Jones directly before the end of the month saying, "Yes please". He'll take you through the next steps.


  • That's it!


The small print:

  • Doors for this offer close at midnight on Fri 28 June 2024

  • Invoices are raised in July but can be delayed to Sep 2024

  • Pricing requires VAT. Note, this should be refundable if VAT on school fees is applied (one of the small benefits of Labour's intentions)


The next academic year is the perfect time to start. This month is the perfect time to get involved. Today is the perfect time to email.


It's easier than you think to start.

Let's get you ready for September.

Say yes, let's get going 🎤 🎧 😎

Let me know if you have any questions. You email or call me on 020 7858 2246.


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