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Podcasts for school marketing

More and more of you parent community are listening to podcasts, we all know it's a growing trend. But what opportunity does that present for your school?

Podcasting is a much more intimate way of connecting with your audience. Generally there's no video, it's just audio, so this means people listen while they're doing something else, typically walking the dog, driving to work or working out in the gym.

And this means they listen for longer. Expecting a parent to watch a 20-min video is foolishness but they'll happily listen to a much longer authentic conversation from people in your school talking about different aspects of school life.

Produced by The Bonjour Agency 

In the Berkhamsted Spotlight.png



Speaking with Girls Head of House and Boarding tutor Will Findlay

BISNY Podcast Artwork FINAL.png


Hear from student, Katharine, and her mother, Bridget about life at BIS-NY




Karen Semple, Head of KS2-KS3 transition


Chatting with Channing (3000 x 3000 px) (2).png

Channing School

Life in the Sixth Form with pupils; Maya, Sienna, Hana and Flora

Downe House podcast covers main FINAL.jpg

Downe House


Being a Day Girl with Annabel Brown, Housemistress of Tedworth

Why use a podcasting service?

It’s easy to create a bad podcast. And you’ll find numerous people who start with Episode 1 and give up by Episode 3. Instead, the recipe for success is:

Professional sounding episodes

Getting the most from your guests


Distribution on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Image by Bradley Lembach

Create, upload, distribute

We get your podcast up and running with your episodes on all the major directories (such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts). We’ll show you how to speak to guests in a way that gets the most from them, the best content. Then we’ll publish your episodes so you can share them on social media.

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You don’t have to edit a podcast but most you’ll hear online will have been improved upon from the original recording. They might sound like they’re unedited but when you remove ums, errs, crosstalk and hesitations it makes the whole episode sound much more professional. And it makes you sound amazing! Our team of editors are real people (so not some computer software that doesn’t understand human conversation), they’re based in the UK and they’ll take your content up to the next level. 


We'll run you through everything from equipment and set up, to the different ways to record (online or in-person) and how to get the very best from all your podcast guests. You can host each episode yourselves, get pupils involved or pick from one of our professional presenters.

Audio optimisation

Your audience will switch off a podcast episode very quickly if it’s not easy or pleasant to listen to. When they’re listening to your content they’ll likely be outside walking the dog, on the M25 driving to work or in the gym on the treadmill, and with all that ambient sound in the background it’s crucial you make the listening experience for them as clear as possible. 


Take a listen to both these examples. You’ll hear the difference it makes!

Bad Audioaudio optimisation
00:00 / 00:18
Good Audioaudio optimisation
00:00 / 00:18

Getting started

So you're thinking about getting a podcast, but you're not sure where to start? Below you'll find our pricing and an FAQ to find out everything you need to know!


Today is the first step in sharing your voice with the world.

Podcast pricing

We teach you

All inclusive one-off fee


No set-up fee

We teach you:

  • The interview style

  • What to communicate and how

  • Episode questions

  • Equipment

  • Before the recording

  • During the recording

  • After the recording

  • Editing each episode

  • When things go wrong

We do it for you

Monthly fee


Plus a per episode fee


£495 set-up fee

We do it for you:

  • Creation and listing in all main directories

  • Training in how to record

  • Intro and outro with music

  • Publishing and show notes

  • Editing of up to 30 minute episodes

  • Episode planning

  • Unlimited podcast support

+VAT applies

Frequently asked questions


To find out more about anything you've seen on this website, be that photography, video, podcasts for schools or the training services we offer, contact Simon who'll be happy to talk to you.


You can email 

or call 020 7858 2246.


Send a text to 07990 580517 or a WhatsApp message.


We’re ready to help you 😊

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