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Easy video service

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New for May 2023 - the easy video service is coming

Learn how to upgrade your social media content without hiring in an expensive video company (we're not exactly cheap, I get that), without having to spend £10k on new cameras and lenses, and without having to recruit a 20 yr old TikTok enthusiast. With the Bonjour easy video service you'll receive multiple benefits. See below.

Easy editing while you're on the go

Even if you're fully proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro it shouldn't be complicated to create your own content. We'll show you how to edit your footage directly on your phone, quickly and easily.

There's no need to spend money on expensive software, no need to go on a three-day training course to use it and (most importantly) there's no need to be anchored to your desk to create your content.

Shoot it, edit it, upload it. With much higher production value.

Phone v2.png

Using the equipment you probably already have

None of this is about having to buy new, expensive camera equipment. We all have excellent cameras on our phones in 2023 and, more importantly, these devices are always with us. There's no point having the best Sony or Canon camera if it's locked up in the marketing department.


There are bad ways to use a smartphone camera but there are also amazing ways to use them, to capture high quality content that you can share on social media and on your website. Quickly and easily.

"Schools have needed something like this for a long time.”

Annabel Peters, St John's School

Sharing your content where it matters

Become a Founding Member

Only available in April 2023


Shape the service. Tell us what you need this to contain and we'll include it.

We'll edit your first video for free using the same tools you'll have access to.

Enjoy a 20% reduction off the standard price.

For life.

In collaboration with others you know

The Easy Video Service Annual access comes with:


FREE Social Media Story Performance Report Card & StoryScore Rating™️

Three months subscription included free


Free strategy masterclass session with Emily Richards


Free 'Convergence Path' customer journey mapping 


To find out more about anything you've seen on this website, be that photography, video, podcasts for schools or the training services we offer, contact Simon who'll be happy to talk to you.


You can email 

or call 020 7858 2246.


Send a text to 07990 580517 or a WhatsApp message.


We’re ready to help you 😊



You may well have questions, after all this is a new service and there's only so much information you can share on a website or in a video.

So if you need anything clarified just email Jessica Toogood in Support, we're ready to hear from you.

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