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Start here. Get your podcast going.

Five short videos to bring you up to speed on starting your own podcast.

What is a podcast?


Understand what a podcast is (you may well know this already), where they can be found, why they're good for marketing, sharing your knowledge, building an audience etc. and how long they should be.

It's a quick introduction to podcasting. Super-short video so jump to Video 2 if you're already au fait with what we're talking about here.


Why have a podcast?

This is where we look at reasons why having a podcast might be good for you. You might be an independent school looking to grow your prospective parent enquiries, maybe you're a solopreneur and you're looking to build your audience. Or maybe you're a business and you'd like to share some thought leadership content with your community.

Whichever you are, take a watch of this video.

Recording your podcast


This is the area we receive most questions. Should the recordings happen in-person or can we record online?

And who should be the presenter for your podcast?


Maybe there's someone in your organisation who can do this (maybe that's you?) or maybe you'd like one of our presenters to do this for you. Someone to be the Graham Norton voice of your podcast.


Editing your podcast

Another big question we receive is around editing. Should a podcast be edited? And if so how do you go about doing this?

Editing a podcast isn't about 'moving this section to there' etc but instead tidying it all up to improve the whole listening experience for your audience.

Promoting your podcast


Then, naturally, there's no sense in recording and editing a podcast episode if you don't share it with the world to let them know about it. They need to hear it :)

There are two important places to share your podcast, this video explains what they are.


How to order

To join this podcasting movement, either now or later in the year, or just to ask a question contact Simon Jones


Email or call him on +44 (0) 20 7858 2246. We’re ready to help you 😊

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