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Hoe Bridge


A New Year

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The School Journey


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Channing School

Young Enterprise at Channing School

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Downe House


Founder's Weekend

Why use a podcasting service?

It’s easy to create a bad podcast. And you’ll find numerous people who start with Episode 1 and give up by Episode 3. Instead, the recipe for success is:

Professional sounding episodes

Getting the most from your guests


Distribution on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Image by Bradley Lembach

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is there a monthly fee?
    The monthly fee covers the cost of hosting your podcast on a platform that feeds into Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other places where people listen to their podcast episodes. It means you don’t have to be recording new podcast episodes for your existing episodes to remain online, they can stay there for as long as you’d like them to be there.
  • Is there a minimum term to any of the plans?
    No minimum term, you can come and go as you’d like.
  • What’s an intro & outro?
    This is the introduction and end-of-episode-closing that’s usually recorded after the main episode body is recorded. The intro can let people know who the guest is and what they can expect to hear from them on the recording. The outro will usually thank the guest again, summarise the episode and remind people to Like/Follow the show so they don’t miss future episodes.
  • What are episode planning meetings?
    These are online brainstorming meetings with us where we can share our industry knowledge with you while giving you space to scope out ideas with us. It’s where we share our expertise with you to improve the overall quality of your podcast channel.
  • How often do I receive an invoice?
    Each month you’ll receive an invoice that includes a) the monthly hosting fee, and b) any fees for episodes recorded and produced for you that month. We have to add VAT for UK customers to prevent the current Chancellor of the Exchequer getting very upset with us.
  • Who owns the copyright to my podcast channel?
    You do. All the time. Your channel, your content, it’s all yours.
  • What if I want to cancel everything? What happens to my podcast channel?
    We understand that sometimes changes need to be made. If you’d like to cancel your service at any time we’ll commit to a) sharing with you all the MP3 files that are available to your audience, and b) allowing your podcast channel to be redirected to a different management company. All very straightforward.


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