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Choose the plan that's right for you

We offer flexible pricing to suit any budget, so if you can't find a plan that suits you, just get in touch!

We teach you

All inclusive one-off fee


No set-up fee

We teach you:

  • The interview style

  • What to communicate and how

  • Episode questions

  • Equipment

  • Before the recording

  • During the recording

  • After the recording

  • Editing each episode

  • When things go wrong

Is editing included in this plan? (and other FAQs)

We do it for you

Monthly fee


Plus a per episode fee


£495 set-up fee

We do it for you:

  • Creation and listing in all main directories

  • Training in how to record

  • Intro and outro with music

  • Publishing and show notes

  • Editing of up to 30 minute episodes

  • Episode planning

  • Unlimited podcast support

What is episode planning? (and other FAQs)

Exclusive prices +VAT applies

Pricing and options FAQs


How to order

To join this podcasting movement, either now or later in the year, or just to ask a question contact Simon Jones


Email or call him on +44 (0) 20 7858 2246. We’re ready to help you 😊

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