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NEW SERVICE: Re-using your existing videos

"We're in uncertain times" - Capt. Obvious (pre-election 2024)

If I was still a Marketing Manager and if I worked in a school today I'd be trying to work out how to achieve the following:

  • Hold onto my marketing budget in case it reduces next year

  • Deliver the same quantity of content as last year

  • Deliver the same quality of content as last year

One of the things we love doing here is putting ourselves in the shoes of the people we work with to find ways to help them.

And that possibly means you.

There's a video above of me explaining our new service but if you're not into watching videos (some people aren't, that's cool) then here's a summary of the main points:

  1. I explain how we can re-purpose some of the video content you already have (or content you can easily capture yourself)

  2. Two examples of schools where we've already done this

    1. The first is some student testimonial videos

    2. The second is updating an old 2021 video into a new video for 2024

  3. I explain how you can get involved.

The main reason for all this is to enable school marketing teams to release new video content without impacting the marketing budget.

So if that sounds good then send an email to and say, "More information please, Jones" (literally say 'Jones' too 😁) and I'll explain how it all works.

Spoiler alert: it's really easy

Do it during the summer break though. After that I'll be back doing in-person school visits so our time will be far more limited.

Thanks for reading and/or watching.

Let me know if you have any questions. You email or call me on 020 7858 2246.


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