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Managing social media at school this week

I was in two minds whether to write this blog post and it’s the same reason I imagine a number of you have been wondering what to do this week regarding social media. The death of someone so prominent in our lives seems to have had a larger-than-expected impact in so many ways.

How should a marketing team respond?

There are a few options. Many schools have fond memories of the Queen visiting them and might be keen to resurrect these images fondly. But sharing these might come across as self-centred or, worse, like you’re cashing in on a media opportunity.

No school marketing team wants to be wrongly accused of this.

So perhaps a social media black-out?

But then how do you announce that? And should you even announce it or simply employ it?

I’m not here to give answers and I’m certainly not here to judge. I’m just here to say that your brand, your integrity, your school voice, these will always shine through much clearer than any possible marketing faux pas.

Whatever your plans for the next few days (personal or professional) I’m sure you’ve considered all options in a way that would make any monarch proud.

And whatever your views I think most of us agree that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II worked extremely hard right through to the last week of her life.

And there’s a lesson in there for us all.

A remarkable person.


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