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A short message on improving audio quality in school

There are two easy ways to improve the audio quality of recordings made in school.

Step 1

Ask the guest to use headphones/earphones when they're being interviewed. This prevents the voice of the interviewer getting picked up by the guest's microphone (which starts to introduce an echo echo echo...)


If you have two guests speaking together in the same room then please consider using a headphone splitter so they can both be wearing headphones.

Step 2

Use a separate microphone that gets passed around the school. If you do this it doesn't need to cost much and it will dramatically increase the quality of the audio recordings.

Step 1 is easy.


Step 2 is explained in the video below so please use this for your next coffee break to watch and understand. The links to purchase either microphone are below. But as always do let me know if you have any questions.

Links to microphones:

The Blue Yeti mic (which is better for more than one person speaking)

The Samson Q2U mic (which is perfect for one person speaking)

And a reminder for the headphone splitter right here.

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